Affirmations you can use to lead with more confidence

Jackie Colburn
3 min readFeb 13, 2023

Did you know there’s actual science behind the power of self-affirmations? Also called mantras, the practice of repeating an affirming word, sound or phrase is enough to help us feel more positive, cope with perceived threats, and become happier.

Not buying it?

Other research shows that athletes perform better when they talk positively to themselves, with self-talk being a determining factor for performance.

Even smiling — especially when we’re not feeling particularly peachy — can “trick” our brains into thinking we’re happy by stimulating the hormones that affect mood.

In other words, when we take time for positive reinforcement — whether through an affirmation or a smile — we actually feel better.

Why does this matter?

I think this concept can sometimes feel silly or self-indulgent, but the truth is that it’s effective! When we believe in ourselves we do better work, and that’s particularly important if you regularly guide groups who depend on your energy, direction and knowhow.

So, why not embrace the fact that using affirmations can feel radical and corny at the same time?

If you’re ready to get out of your head, and feel more comfortable and confident, here are some fun mantras that my community recently shared with me:

Something that stands out to me from this exchange is that there’s not only a theme around pumping yourself up, but also around acknowledging the preparedness and work that has happened. In any situation that’s challenging, it’s key to remember all that we’ve done to prepare and “train” to get there.

Imagine what we could achieve / create / build if we started each day from this mindset?

Huge thanks to my community for being vulnerable and sharing these affirmations for the rest of us to observe and borrow from!

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